Sunday filled with love and laughther

Isiah 12:3 With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation

Hey guys, how was your weekend well mine was lovely. So i finally decided to change the theme of my blog and i must say i think i am very pleased with the way it turned out. This past two weeks was filled with so many mid semester tests so i didn’t have time to post on this blog but i am happy that i am done with no sleep and lots of coffee for now.

Below is what i wore last week Sunday, i got my picture taken by ordinaryandart and STJ photography took the picture i was just laughing like a fool and STJ didn’t even help matters loll…. here is the link to ordinaryandart to see their great pictures ordinaryandart <– here


Outfit Details                                                                                                                    

Shirt- A present from a friend *Elizabeth (she is a mad stylist btw click here to see her IG page)

Skirt- Posh Royalty Boutique on Instagram

Shoes- Clarks

Clutch- Brought it from a girl in school

Good news for the guys reading this, that are shoe lovers if you wish to get affordable shoes that are nice kindly email me or hit me up on any of my social network platforms or follow @shemogoli on Twitter or call 08097087513- Shemo believe me you won’t regret getting one of these babies..


Even celebrities like Osi_suave OAP (On Air Personality) of BEAT.FM is talking about the shoes on his twitter don’t you just love good shoes well i do…

And in case you haven’t seen my official blog logo here it is done by me of course lol






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