How To

How to cover up your bald spots

Hey guys, it’s me again and am giving a small tutorial on how to fill in your bald spots on your hair. Well I hope you end up following these steps because I know I do.

So they are two ways to getting the perfect filled in edges even while having your normal hair or when your edges are gelled backwards

Well this is how my edges looked before I started the process

And I got to use these tools for the process


How to fill in your normal hair

So first am going to start of with how to fill in your normal hair

Below are the tools;

1) eyeshadow palette or any powder that is your hair color, well I use classic eyebrows powder  in black it works for me and it is my exact hair color

2) you need a brush, I think you can use any brush but i use this little old brush I got from one of my old palettes

3) hair brush of any kind


1) first of all I brush my hair back ways

2) then I get the little brush and apply a little of the powder

3) then I apply directly to my edges but I stroke it gently so it would look evened out

That gets my edges looking full and evened out

How to fill in your edges with styling gel 

So this is when I add both my edge control and my Nigerian made styling gel to hold my hair back


1) powder palette

2) edge control

3) styling gel

4) hair brush

5) little hair filling brush


1) so first of all I brush my hair backwards

2) then I added the edge control and styling gel to hold my edges down

P.S :- so some people use only edge control well that’s because it works for them and well some other use only styling gel that’s also because that’s what works for them but for someone like me I have to use both to ensure it stays down

3) then I get the little brush and add some of the powder on it and start stroking gently

* you won’t want it to look too much or to fake would you

and that’s it guys you have your edges styled back and slaying as ever before

Okay guys that’s it for today see you tomorrow as I do my regular Saturday makeup tutorial on snapchat do add me sc:- ms_lilley



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