My life so far

Hey guys, Happy Easter ,  how have you all been, I have really missed you guys a lot like really missed sharing my point of view with you guys and getting messages from you, showing so much love and support. So in my last post I said I wanted to give you guys update on what’s going on in me life at the moment and stuffs like that, I basically want to talk to you all and stuff.

So I am going to have a Q & A section before I start my exams, just to answer all your wonderful questions and it’s going to go on till the 31st of this month so you have a lot of time to ask me all the burning questions you have always wanted to ask me and get to also know me more. So the thing is you can either ask me the question on just click Here, or you can ask it under the picture I will post on Instagram and Facebook to announce this post so yeah, btw don’t be shy I will answer you.

And also I recently decided to launch my jewelry line but am starting off with just bracelets and the hopefully I will expand, so my bracelets are made with stones gotten from my country Nigeria, because if you know me I love my country 🇳🇬🇳🇬. So that’s it for now but you can follow my jewelry page on Instagram @vanity_lilianwozor to follow up on what’s 


And I am also starting my exams on the 18th of Apirl so I may be going more MIA(missing in action) than normal but not to worry this summer is going to be lit and do add me on snapchat (ms_lilley) to keep up with me and my regular weekend makeup tips and tricks

Btw I got my sandals from@gafasandals on Instagram, which do you prefer, me wearing it up or down 😁

Outfit details:-

Dress:- My Sisters Closet

Bracelet :-@vanity_lilianwozor on Instagram

Sandals:- @Gafasandals on Instagram

Clutch:- Thrifted

Watch:- Timex

Okay guys that’s it for now, don’t hesitate to ask me questions or ask for more request I will surely get across to you, you all know I love you guys bye till next time.



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