Top 5 LFDW’16 Designers 

Hey guys, how have you all been? Good I hope. Finally writing about this years LFDW (Lagos Fashion And Design Week) event and I must say I really regret no going I explained and said my reason on the previous post Here. So from the pictures and videos I saw it was differently the event of the year! that is from the proposal to the cloths, then to the makeup basically everything !!!!!!!…. so below are my top five favorite designers from the event and this designers and their designs just caught my eyes from the beginning till now and I also feel like I would look good in them☺️, i also got to discover other designers and it was fun. Keep on reading to see why I love their designs and why you should go cop yours.

Top Five Favorite LFDW 2016 Designs

1. TitiBelo:- if you follow me on Instagram, you would remember me personally selecting a dress from their collection as my favorite so far from the runway, and that is because of the design and the fitting on the models. There design this year was edgy yet elegant

2. Washington Roberts:- so this years LFDW was the first time I got to know about this brand and I must say the collection was amazing, the colors of all the outfits were really meant for them. I really like this outfit because it gives me this Suit(the series) vibe and I just loved it at first sight.

3. Style temple:- all I can say is the design tho 😍😍, you all know I am a sucker for clothes and shoes that look amazing and have a total different kind of design from the usual, well this outfit is that one for me basically, the design looked really edgy but the color calmed it down and gave it this sophisticated look and must I say that the model slayed the look.

4. Nuraniya:- their collection was so nice, I just love the fact that you could pick up an outfit from their collection and wear to work, or to a Cooperate event and still look lovely, feminine and chic all at once.

5. Belois Couture:- Now guys forget this may be my fifth choice, but this is a brand I see myself working or collaborating with, if you follow them on Instagram, you would really understand why. I love this look because you could just put it on and go out with friends and still look like a baddie.

Comment below your faviorite brand , what brand you would love for me to work with and what you loved most about this years LFDW

You can follow them on there Instagram

1. TitiBelo:- @titibelo_

2. Washington Roberts:- @washingtonroberts

3. Style Temple:- @styletemple

4. Nuraniya:- @nuraniyastudios

5. Belois Couture:- @beloiscouture


Okay guys that’s it for this week till we see again and also wish me luck in my up coming exam.


Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi(Insigna)


3 thoughts on “Top 5 LFDW’16 Designers 

  1. Nuraniya has it for me bit they are did good job… A friend who attended told he he was more than impressed with The level Nigeria has reached when it comes to fashion and design…

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  2. Nuraniya has it for me, but they all did good job.. A friend who attended told me he was more than impressed with the level Nigeria has reached when it comes to fashion and design..

    Sorry for the typos…

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