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Hey guys, how have you all been? So if you know me you would know I am a big time foodie 😍 . Like I really enjoy eating it is basically my comfort zone 😞.
But last week Sunday on the 23rd I got invited to a Bloggers Tasters Event by The Blogger Point and Winnys Meals Restaurant In Abuja and it was the best event ever I had so much fun and I met amazing people and I had amazing food 😁.

When I got there I was one of the first people even tho I came by 12:45 and I was feeling like a late comer lol, it was still cool waiting tho because we had music playing in the background and we were all taking pictures looking round and having fun
After the long wait, we started the event by around 2:00pm and we got served ChapMan and it tasted so good.

As we were waiting for the food to be served to us we all got talking and we introduced ourselves and we basically talked all throughout the day.
Then the chef came and told us what we were having, he showed us the dishes and we took pictures of it and Samuel ( he is a baker) showed us how to use a chopstick and guys I tried but I still failed at it.

I then went ahead to start with the appetizer which was a soup that had like tiny beef in it and samosa

I then went for the mean meal and I got served a little of each and you can see I finished the food, I really liked the food there, I just taught that the noodle was too Suggy but except that every other thing was good.

The prices of the food is affordable I must say, and the location is nice and the decoration of the place was amazing especially the down part, it had a wall of history showing almost all the historical figures in Nigeria.

A little more about the brand:- There location in Abuja is No. 8, Nkwame Nkrumah Crescent, Off Yakubu Gowon Way, Asokoro.

They have a location also in Lagos State The address is: House 32, Second Avenue Road, Festac Town.

Okay guys that’s it for today, a very big thank you to @thebloggerpoint and @winnysmeals for hosting us do check them out on Instagram.

And do keep your eyes open for my Vlog going up tomorrow evening☺

                         With Love Lilianwozor



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