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Having a thick long eyebrow is something I know almost every woman or man would love to have, but unfortunately only some of us are blessed with it. So today I will show and tell you my personal tips and tricks with its steps on how to grow out your eyebrow in just 2 weeks.

So I have personally tried of this steps so believe me it actually works, so here we go;


STEP 1; Always try to keep your eyebrows clean, and that is by removing the products used to fill it or draw it throughout the day. I am talking about using a makeup wipe or towel to remove the eyebrow gel, pencil or powder used to fill it out.

STEP 2; Try not to always touch your eyebrows regularly because dirt from your hands or finger can rest on your eyebrow skin and block the pores of your eyebrow area and prevent your eyebrow from growing as long and healthy as it should.

STEP 3; You can use ointment like castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera, Vaseline etc. to oil your eyebrow and help in stimulating the growth of your eyebrows. I personally use castor oil but sometimes I can switch to using Vaseline, but pure aloe vera is the best.

STEP 4; Always try to massage your eyebrow area every night before you go to bed this is to ensure that the ointment really goes down to your hair follicles and activates it to grow your eyebrows to be longer and thicker. I personally like massaging my eyebrows both in the morning and at night.

STEP 5; always try to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy because what you actually don’t know is that whatever you eat affects your hair growth also not just only your health or weight.

So finally if you are going to try and grow out your eyebrows treat it like it’s a natural hair and it would grow out so beautifully, thick and long like never before. After this 2 weeks of following this steps you would notice some difference in your eyebrow and you would definitely thank me.




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